Improving the experience for software-measurement system end-users: A story of two companies
Journal article, 2018

Software measurement systems are used in large companies to provide developers with up-to-date feedback and metrics. Objective: However, the front-ends of these systems are often not ready to provide a real-time experience for the end-users, who sometimes have to wait minutes before visualizations are provided. Method: In this paper, we present the case studies of two large international companies and compare alternative technological setups for measurement system front-ends used and explored within these companies. We use a publicly available data-set for a performance evaluation and to analyze the results. Results: For both companies we found significant performance differences between the alternative setups. However, in one of the companies these differences are not there for large data-sets. Furthermore, we found that not all setups enable the visualization of the newest available data. Conclusions: Our results indicate that the choice of the visualization component has a larger impact on the performance than the choice of the data storage. However, companies are also willing to invest into setups that ensure that visualized measures are always up-to-date.

End-user experience


Measurement systems


Haoyu Wang


Regina Hebig

University of Gothenburg

Information and Software Technology

0950-5849 (ISSN)

Vol. 103 216-225

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Other Computer and Information Science

Computer Science

Computer Systems



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