Closure modeling
Book chapter, 2021

Advanced Approaches in Turbulence: Theory, Modeling, Simulation and Data Analysis for Turbulent Flows focuses on the updated theory, simulation and data analysis of turbulence dealing mainly with turbulence modeling instead of the physics of turbulence. Beginning with the basics of turbulence, the book discusses closure modeling, direct simulation, large eddy simulation and hybrid simulation. The book also covers the entire spectrum of turbulence models for both single-phase and multi-phase flows, as well as turbulence in compressible flow.

Turbulence modeling is very extensive and continuously updated with new achievements and improvements of the models. Modern advances in computer speed offer the potential for elaborate numerical analysis of turbulent fluid flow while advances in instrumentation are creating large amounts of data. This book covers these topics in great detail.


Lars Davidson

Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Fluid Dynamics

Advanced Approaches in Turbulence: Theory, Modeling, Simulation, and Data Analysis for Turbulent Flows


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