An Institutional Perspective on Business Planning Activities for Nascent Entrepreneurs in Sweden and the US
Journal article, 2013

We compared nascent characteristics and behaviors leading to business planning activities in Sweden with the United States (US), examining the effects of institutional pressures exerted in the different countries. We analyzed institutional factors leading 362 Swedish and 347 US entrepreneurs to write plans during a two-year period. We show that national cultures moderate how institutional pressures influence nascent behaviors, questioning generic applications of institutional theory. We found business planning behaviors moderated by nationality, showing significant and negative effects for business classes in the US. Implications are drawn for institutional theory and the study of nascent businesses, as well as for normative business planning literature and practice of nascent businesses.


Tomas Karlsson

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Benson Honig

Administrative Sciences

2076-3387 (ISSN)

Vol. 4 3 266-289

Driving Forces

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Subject Categories

Economics and Business

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