Puts på gamla hus
Doktorsavhandling, 1992

This thesis deals with plastered facades on historical buildings. The three sections of the thesis illuminate architectural, technical and historical aspects. The sections of the book are: - The Role of Plaster in Architecture; - Plaster and Plastering: Changes in Practice and Perspective; - The Building as a Source of Knowledge about Plaster. The first part describes the connection that exist between the architecture of plaster and the special and unique properties of plaster, for instance the link between architectural expression of a facade and the material qualities of plaster. The second part deals with the changes that plaster and plastering practices have undergone during the period of transition from traditional to modern plastering techniques - between the thirties and the sixties - and reflects how perspectives on both the material and the architecture of plaster have altered. These changes were part of the process that involved the transformation of the towns and the industrialization of building. Investigation of these changes enables us to acquire a perspective on the attitudes prevailing today - the renewed interest in traditional materials and methods, amongst other things - and on how old plastered buildings are maintained, repaired and restored. The third part deals with the question of how, on the basis of a historical perspective and the experience of former times, old plastered facades should be taken care of, repaired and renovated. The answer should be found in the building itself; in the way its plastered facades were once erected and in their condition at the present time. Not until the building has been carefully examined measures can be suggested; materials and methods for repairs or restoration should be matched to the original. The choice of materials and selection of the mode of execution become relatively simple processes if the building is well-researched and the specification is professionally compiled. Two appendices, published earlier, that belong to this thesis are: Renovering och restaurering av putsade fasader. Studier av murade hus i Göteborg (The Rehabilitation and Restoration of Plaster Facades. A Study of the Renovation of Brick Buildings in Göteborg) and Restaurering av putsade fasader. Rekommendationer för projektering av putsarbeten (The Restoration of Plaster Facades. Reccommendations for the design of Plastering).


Ewa Malinowski

Institutionen för form och teknik, Husbyggnad






Doktorsavhandlingar vid Chalmers tekniska högskola. Ny serie: 886

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