CLS Research Seminars 09/06/19 - Hidden Expectations
Övrigt - Research Seminar, 2019

The talk presents an intervention scaffolding subject specialists’ (teachers in the disciplines) understanding of writing. Specifically, it presents a practical pedagogical tool that can be used by teachers of writing, teachers in the disciplines, and program administrators to reflect upon, align and improve how written assignments are integrated in their courses/curricula. More generally, it illustrates how to implement metacognitive scaffolds in educational/professional development situations: how to foster people’s ability to reflect on their knowledge, their skills, and their assumptions, and use this knowledge to set goals, plan, and re-consider the effectiveness of their practices.
The intervention presented in the talk has relevance both for teachers of writing and subject teachers/examiners/program administrators at the university level, especially in courses that integrate language and content. It is also of general interest as it illustrates how implicit expectations can impact our practices in many situations, and the benefit of metacognitive reflection on what we do.

The talk includes a workshop with the professional development activity published in the the following study: McGrath, L., Negretti, R., & Nicholls, K. (2019). Hidden expectations: Scaffolding subject specialists’ genre knowledge of the assignments they set. Higher Education.

disciplinary writing, teacher development, subject-specialists, higher education, professional development, metacognition, pedagogy, writing in the disciplines


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