Overmodulation opportunity in 48 v three-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine with open-ended windings
Paper i proceeding, 2020

This paper evaluates the possibility and consequences of applying voltage overmodulation to a 12-terminal, dual-three-phase 48 V, 50 kW tooth-coil wound permanent magnet synchronous machine using Finite Element Analysis. The machine is previously designed and constructed, and in this paper the basic equivalent circuit parameters are extracted experimentally. Two different two-level drive scenarios are evaluated: Y-connected three-leg converter and open-ended six-leg converter. Overmodulation is achieved by using triangular-sine modulation, and the machine performance is evaluated using Finite Element Analysis with voltage excitation, while taking magnetic saturation and spatial harmonic losses into account. Iron losses, magnet losses, DC copper and total efficiency are presented as a function of overmodulation.

Performance evaluation

Permanent magnet machines


Finite element analysis

DC-AC power converters

Power electronics

Pulse width modulation converters


Stefan Skoog

Chalmers, Elektroteknik, Elkraftteknik, Elmaskiner och kraftelektronik

Proceedings - 2020 International Conference on Electrical Machines, ICEM 2020

2328-2334 9270800

2020 International Conference on Electrical Machines, ICEM 2020
Virtual Gothenburg, Sweden,


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