New functional pavements for pedestrians and cyclists
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2017

When many fields of pedestrian and cyclist safety have been extensively studied, the surfacing has long been left unquestioned, despite being developed for another mode of transport and being one of the main causes for falls and fall injuries. In this project new surfacing materials for pedestrian and cyclist safety have been produced. Focusing on augmenting previously largely disregarded parameters as impact absorption, comfort and visibility at the same time as avoiding deteriorating of crucial parameters as friction and wear resistance. Rubber content, binder type, and pigment addition have been varied and evaluated. The results demonstrate that by increasing rubber content of the mixtures the head injury criterion (HIC) value and injury risk can be decreased while maintaining frictional properties according to existing criteria. Assembly of test-lanes demonstrate that some developed materials experience lower flow and component separation than standard materials due to rubber addition, calling for further optimisation of construction procedure linked to content development. Initial trials on the test-lanes indicate that a polyurethane (PU) based material has high cycling comfort, visibility and can be modified with phosphorescence properties. For standard asphalt, impact absorption might be inflicted by modification of bitumen alone but is mostly augmented by rubber addition. The results also indicate that rubber content can decrease ice formation on the materials.

Bike lane




Impact absorption






V. Wallqvist

SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB

G. Kjell

SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB

Ena Cupina

SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB

Chalmers, Bygg- och miljöteknik, Geologi och geoteknik

L. Kraft

CBI Betonginstitut

C. Deck

Université de Strasbourg

R. Willinger

Université de Strasbourg

Accident Analysis and Prevention

0001-4575 (ISSN)

Vol. 105 SI 52-63





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