BIM as a communication and collaboration tool within a large-scale infrastructure construction project
Rapport, 2020

In large- and complex infrastructure construction projects, several actors are involved collaborating for easing projects’ complexity and ensuring a successful delivery. This is a result of a shift in the construction industry from the traditional partnerships between project participants, where cost as a main focus, to an inter-organizational partnership where learning as an objective. Further, based on partnering principles, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) as a relational contract form has emerged and is very popular in Sweden. Adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) in complex construction projects combined with ECI enhances the overall communication and collaboration between the involved actors in the project. This paper aims to study how BIM is utilized as a communication and collaboration tool between involved actors within complex infrastructure construction projects. Data was collected by interviewing a team that only worked with BIM-related issues within the investigated infrastructure project, as well as a case study, secondary data and observation. The result showed that BIM is adept at facilitating work coordination of the many involved organizations in the project and promoting effective communications channels and a closer collaboration between project’s participants and stakeholders. Also, collaboration is preferred to be the way through which complex and large infrastructure construction are delivered and that BIM is a very strong tie that connects, reaches and draws many disciplines with each other and to a common ground establishing common understandings and better project comprehensive picture.


Ali Alaathary


Khalil Salloum


Projekteringsprocess i entreprenad med samverkansnivå hög

BBT - Branschprogram för forskning och innovation avseende byggnadsverk inom transportsektorn (BBT 2017-013), 2018-09-01 -- 2021-10-01.

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Service Management and Logistics

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