Fredrik Blomgren

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A molecular dynamics simulation investigation of fuel droplet in evolving ambient conditions

H. Yanagihara, I. Stankovic, Fredrik Blomgren et al
Combustion and Flame. Vol. 161 (2), p. 541-550
Journal article

Conical intersection in a bilirubin model - A possible pathway for phototherapy of neonatal jaundice

B. Zietz, Fredrik Blomgren
Chemical Physics Letters. Vol. 420 (4-6), p. 556-561
Journal article

Primary photoprocess in vision: Minimal motion to reach the photo- and Bathorhodopsin Intermediates

Fredrik Blomgren, Sven Larsson
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Vol. 109 (18), p. 9104-9110
Journal article

Exploring the potential energy surface of retinal, a comparison of the performance of different methods

Fredrik Blomgren, Sven Larsson
Journal of Computational Chemistry. Vol. 26 (7), p. 738-742
Journal article

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