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Welcome to research.chalmers.se, the Chalmers research information node! Curious about research at Chalmers? If so, this site is perfect for you.

Contents in research.chalmers.se

Research.chalmers.se contains research information from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. It includes information on projects, publications, research funders and collaborations.

How does it work?


Research.chalmers.se offers the possibility of retrieving research publications produced at Chalmers University of Technology, it covers all types of publications: dissertations, licentiate theses, conference papers, journal articles, reports etc.


The grant funded projects are imported from the contract database at Chalmers and data is added from several large funders and other appropriate sites. Staff at the library ensure a basic quality level and continuously add new projects. The grant funded projects are quite comprehensive in its coverage from year 2012 onwards.

When a researcher has registered a project or confirmed his/her participation in a project, the information on the project will be publicly available, as in viewable when not logged in. This applies to all project data except for certain exclusions. As a Chalmers affiliate, please log in to view all projects and update your project information.

It is also possible to register projects without grant funding contracts. It is not mandatory to register these projects. This makes the coverage on non-grant funded projects more circumstantial.

Contact us

Research.chalmers.se is administered and developed by Chalmers library.

You will reach the support by using the feedback form in the footer, by email to research.lib@chalmers.se.

Please, feel free to ask us anything.

More information is also available here.