Carina Rislund

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Evaluation of three principles for forklift steering: Effects on physical workload

Carina Rislund, H. Hemphala, G. A. Hansson et al
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. Vol. 43 (4), p. 249-256
Journal article

Linking product development to customers' strategic objectives

Carina Rislund, MariAnne Karlsson
Proceedings from the 14th International Product Development Management Conference, Porto, Portugal. Vol. 2(3), p. 623-633
Paper in proceedings

Managing macroergonomics: A study of management's involvement in the implementation of an ergonomic product in materials handling.

Carina Rislund, MariAnne Karlsson
Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management (ODAM), p. 567-572
Paper in proceedings

Understanding of ergonomics as a linkage to adding value. A study of managers' views on ergonomics

Carina Rislund, MariAnne Karlsson
Ergonomics as a tool in future development and value creation. Proceedings from the Nordic Ergonomics Society 37th Annual Conference, p. 262-265
Paper in proceedings

The inherent conflicts in user-centred product development

MariAnne Karlsson, Pontus Wallgren, Oskar Rexfelt et al
Working Life Ethics. Proceedings from Nordic Ergonomics Society 36th Annual Conference 2004 / edited by Kirsten Bendix Olsen, p. 213-216
Paper in proceedings

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