Hu Chaoquan

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Methyl crotonate hydrogenation over Pt: Effects of support and metal dispersion

Hu Chaoquan, Derek Creaser, Sheedeh Fouladvand et al
Applied Catalysis A: General. Vol. 511, p. 106-116
Journal article

Kinetic Regimes in Ethylene Hydrogenation over Transition-Metal Surfaces

Christopher Heard, Hu Chaoquan, Magnus Skoglundh et al
ACS Catalysis. Vol. 6 (5), p. 3277-3286
Journal article

High-quality hydrogen generated from formic acid triggered by in situ prepared Pd/C catalyst for fuel cells

Q. Lv, Ligang Feng, Hu Chaoquan et al
Catalysis Science and Technology. Vol. 5 (5), p. 2581-2584
Journal article

NiCo2O4 3 dimensional nanosheet as effective and robust catalyst for oxygen evolution reaction

Y. Xiao, Ligang Feng, Hu Chaoquan et al
RSC Advances. Vol. 5 (76), p. 61900-61905
Journal article

Selectivity and kinetics of methyl crotonate hydrogenation over Pt/Al2O3

Hu Chaoquan, Derek Creaser, Henrik Grönbeck et al
Catalysis Science and Technology. Vol. 5 (3), p. 1716-1730
Journal article

Effect of Thermal Treatment on Hydrogen Uptake and Characteristics of Ni-, Co-, and Mo-Containing Catalysts

Houman Ojagh, Derek Creaser, Stefanie Tamm et al
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Vol. 54 (46), p. 11511-11524
Journal article

Catalytic hydrogenation of C=C and C=O in unsaturated fatty acid methyl esters

Hu Chaoquan, Derek Creaser, Samira Siahrostami et al
Catalysis Science and Technology. Vol. 4 (8), p. 2427-2444
Review article

Activity of Pd/C for hydrogen generation in aqueous formic acid solution

Hu Chaoquan, J.K. Pulleri, S. Ting et al
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Vol. 39 (1), p. 381-390
Journal article

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