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Fawad Awais, Jonas Flodén, Dag Hersle et al

Factors influencing transport buyer’s choice of transport service – A European literature review

Jonas Flodén, Fredrik Bärthel, Edith Sorkina
The 12th WCTR Proceedings, p. 29-
Paper in proceedings

Intermodal road-rail transport in the European Union

Johan Woxenius, Fredrik Bärthel
The Future of Intermodal Freight Transport: Operations, Design and Policy, p. 13-33
Book chapter

Järnvägar och avfallstransporter - vilken roll kan järnvägen spela för avfallshanteringen?

Fredrik Bärthel, Johan Woxenius
Transport och Hantering. Vol. 2005 (15), p. 14-
Magazine article

Developing intermodal transport for small flows over short distances

Fredrik Bärthel, Johan Woxenius
Transportation Planning and Technology. Vol. 27 (5), p. 403-424
Journal article

A Swedish intermodal transport service based on line-trains serving freight forwarders

Johan Woxenius, Eva Ingeborg Elisabeth Andersson, Fredrik Bärthel et al
Paper presented at the 10th World Conference on Transport Research : WCTR '04 ; Istanbul Lütfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center, July 4 - 8, 2004, Istanbul, Turkey
Paper in proceedings

Terminals as part of the Swedish Transport System - an overview

Johan Woxenius, Robert Sommar, Violeta Roso et al

The Dalecarlian Girl - Evaluation of the implementation of the Light-combi concept

Johan Woxenius, Fredrik Bärthel
AGS (Alliance for Global Sustainability. Annual meeting, University of Tokyo, 24-27 march, 2003.
Conference contribution

The organisation of the European Intermodal road/rail freight Transport Industry

Johan Woxenius, Fredrik Bärthel
Paper presented at the: International Congress on Freight Transport Automation and Multimodality, 23-24 May, 2002.
Paper in proceedings

The Dalecarlian Girl - Evaluating the implementation of the light-combi concept

Johan Woxenius, Fredrik Bärthel, Agnes Andersson
Collaboration in logistics : connecting islands using information technology : conference proceedings / NOFOMA 2001, 14-15 June, Reykjavík, Iceland ; Gunnar Stefansson, ed., Bernhard Tilanus, ed.
Conference contribution

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