Gülis Zengin

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Evaluating Conditions for Strong Coupling between Nanoparticle Plasmons and Organic Dyes Using Scattering and Absorption Spectroscopy

Gülis Zengin, Tina Gschneidtner, Ruggero Verre et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 120 (37), p. 20588-20596
Journal article

Directional Light Extinction and Emission in a Metasurface of Tilted Plasmonic Nanopillars

Ruggero Verre, Mikael Svedendahl, Nils Odebo Länk et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 16 (1), p. 98-104
Journal article

Realizing Strong Light-Matter Interactions between Single-Nanoparticle Plasmons and Molecular Excitons at Ambient Conditions

Gülis Zengin, Martin Wersäll, Sara Nilsson et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 114 (15), p. Art. no. 157401-
Journal article

Approaching the strong coupling limit in single plasmonic nanorods interacting with J-aggregates

Gülis Zengin, Göran Johansson, Peter Johansson et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 3
Journal article

Plasmonic nanoantennas for SERS, directional light, sensing and strong coupling

Gülis Zengin, Vladimir Miljkovic, Peter Johansson et al
International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks
Paper in proceeding

A bimetallic nanoantenna for directional colour routing

Timur Shegai, Si Chen, Vladimir Miljkovic et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 2 (1)
Journal article

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