Mikhail Kononets

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Effects of oxygen on recycling of biogenic elements from sediments of a stratified coastal Baltic Sea basin

Nils Ekeroth, Mikhail Kononets, Jakob Walve et al
Journal of Marine Systems. Vol. 154, p. 206-219
Journal article

Oxygenation of an anoxic fjord basin strongly stimulates benthic denitrification and DNRA

L. De Brabandere, S. Bonaglia, Mikhail Kononets et al
Biogeochemistry. Vol. 126 (1), p. 131-152
Journal article

Continuous long-term observations of the carbonate system dynamics in the water column of a temperate fjord

Dariia Atamanchuk, Mikhail Kononets, P. J. Thomas et al
Journal of Marine Systems. Vol. 148, p. 272-284
Journal article

An experiment with forced oxygenation of the deepwater of the anoxic By Fjord, western Sweden

Anders Stigebrandt, Bengt Liljebladh, L. De Brabandere et al
Ambio. Vol. 44 (1), p. 42-54
Journal article

Investigating hypoxia in aquatic environments: diverse approaches to addressing a complex phenomenon

Jana Friedrich, Felix Janssen, D Aleynik et al
Biogeosciences. Vol. 11, p. 1215-1259
Journal article

Phosphorus recycling in sediments of the central Baltic Sea

Lena Viktorsson, Nils Ekeroth, Madeleine Nilsson et al
Biogeosciences. Vol. 10, p. 3901-3916
Journal article

Recycling and burial of phosphorus in sediments of an anoxic fjord - The By Fjord, western Sweden

Lena Viktorsson, Mikhail Kononets, Per Roos et al
Journal of Marine Research. Vol. 71 (5), p. 351-374
Journal article

Fluxes of iron and manganese across the sediment-water interface under various redox conditions

Svetlana V Pakhomova, Per Hall, Mikhail Kononets et al
Marine Chemistry. Vol. 107, p. 319-331
Journal article

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