Hans Liwång

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Conditions for risk based ship survivability approach: a study on the analysis of fire risk

Hans Liwång
Naval Engineers Journal. Vol. 128 (3), p. 87-101
Journal article

Ship security challenges in high-risk areas: manageable or insurmountable?

Hans Liwång, Karl Sörenson, Cecilia Österman
WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs. Vol. 14 (2), p. 201-217
Journal article

Comparison between different survivability measures on a generic frigate

Hans Liwång, Henrik Jonsson
Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Part A: InternationalJournal of Maritime Engineering. Vol. 157 (2A), p. A125-A134
Journal article

Survivability of an Ocean Patrol Vessels - Analysis approach and uncertainty treatment

Hans Liwång
Marine Structures. Vol. 43, p. 1-21
Journal article

An examination of the implementation of risk based approaches in military operations

Hans Liwång, Marika Ericson, Martin Bang
Journal of Military Studies. Vol. 5 (2), p. 1-27
Journal article

Quantitative risk analysis – Ship security analysis for effective risk control options

Hans Liwång, Jonas Ringsberg, Martin Norsell
Safety Science. Vol. 58 (1), p. 98-112
Journal article

Lärobok i Militärteknik, vol. 9: Teori och metod

Stefan Axberg, Kent Andersson, Martin Bang et al

Ship security analysis – the effect of ship speed and effective lockout

Hans Liwång, Jonas Ringsberg
Proceedings of The ASME 2013 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2013). Vol. 2 A, p. 1-10
Paper in proceeding

Risk-based ship security analysis

Hans Liwång
Naval Architect. Vol. 2013 (2), p. 35-37
Magazine article

Probabilistic risk assessment for integrating survivability and safety measures on naval ships

Hans Liwång, Jonas Ringsberg, M. Norsell
Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Part A: InternationalJournal of Maritime Engineering. Vol. 154 (A1), p. A21-A30
Journal article

Minimising Risk from Armed Attacks: The Effects of the Nato Naval Ship Code

Hans Liwång, Jonas Westin, Jon Wikingsson et al
Stockholm Contributions in Military-Technology 2010. Vol. 2, p. 65-81
Journal article

Lärobok i Militärteknik, vol. 5: Farkostteknik

Nils Bruzelius, Peter Bull, Lars Bäck et al

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