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Copper-coordinating polymers for marine anti-fouling coatings: A physicochemical and electrochemical study of ternary system of copper, PMMA and poly(TBTA)

Alireza Movahedi, Jingdong Zhang, Nina Kann et al
Progress in Organic Coatings. Vol. 97, p. 216-221
Journal article

Cu(i) stabilizing crosslinked polyethyleneimine

Alireza Movahedi, Angelica Lundin, Nina Kann et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 17 (28), p. 18327-18337
Journal article

One-pot synthesis of TBTA-functionalized coordinating polymers

Alireza Movahedi, Kasper Moth-Poulsen, Johnas Eklöf et al
Reactive and Functional Polymers. Vol. 82, p. 1-8
Journal article

Imidazole and Triazole Coordination Chemistry for Antifouling Coatings

Markus Andersson Trojer, Alireza Movahedi, Hans Blanck et al
Journal of Chemistry. Vol. 2013, p. Art. no. 946739-
Journal article

New Route for Microcapsule Synthesis

Lars Nordstierna, Alireza Movahedi, Magnus Nydén
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology. Vol. 32 (3), p. 310-311
Journal article

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