Daria Noferini

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Proton jump diffusion dynamics in hydrated barium zirconates studied by high-resolution neutron backscattering spectroscopy

Daria Noferini, Bernhard Frick, Michael Marek Koza et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Vol. 6 (17), p. 7538-7546
Journal article

Study of the hydration level in proton conducting oxides using neutron diffraction with polarization analysis

Daria Noferini, M. Koza, G. J. Nilsen et al
Solid State Ionics. Vol. 324, p. 163-167
Journal article

Role of the doping level in localized proton motions in acceptor-doped barium zirconate proton conductors

Daria Noferini, Michael Marek Koza, Habibur Seikh Mohammad Rahman et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 20 (20), p. 13697-13704
Journal article

Localized Proton Motions in Acceptor-Doped Barium Zirconates

Daria Noferini, M. Koza, Maths Karlsson
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 121 (13), p. 7088-7093
Journal article

Proton Dynamics in Hydrated BaZr0.9M0.1O2.95 (M = Y and Sc) Investigated with Neutron Spin-Echo

Daria Noferini, M. Koza, P. Fouquet et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 120 (26), p. 13963-13969
Journal article

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