Ola Hultkrantz

Lecturer at Supply and Operations Management

Ola Hultkrantz is lecturer at the Division of Supply and Operations Management and Head of Programme MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.

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Visual Planning - a tool for increasing fill rate in logistics distribution

Henrik Sternberg, Ola Hultkrantz
Conference proceedings of Supply Chain Information Systems
Paper in proceeding


Ola Hultkrantz, Fredrik Stahre
Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Logistics "Innovations in Global Supply Chain Networks"
Paper in proceeding

The logistical consequences of e-commerce for spare-part distribution

Ola Hultkrantz
Stella workshop, Washington DC, USA, 2004.
Other conference contribution

Varför centralisera lagerhållningen?

Patrik Jonsson, Ola Hultkrantz
Bättre Produktivitet
Magazine article

E-business and spare part distribution

Magnus Holmqvist, Ola Hultkrantz, Gunnar Stefansson et al
In the Proceedings of the Logistics Research Network 2003 Annual Conference (LRN), London, England, 11-12 September 2003.
Other conference contribution

Competitive Strategies for Logistics Companies in the E-Commerce Era

Ola Hultkrantz, Pehr-Ola Persson, Kenth Lumsden
Paper presented at NOFOMA 2001, Reykjavik, 14-15 June, 2001.
Other conference contribution

E-commerce and Consequences for the Logistics Industry

Ola Hultkrantz, Kenth Lumsden
published in proceedings Seminar on “The Impact of E-Commerce on Transport” Paris, 5-6/6 2001.
Other conference contribution

The Logistical Consequences of E-Commerce – Theoretical Scenario, for Spare Part Distribution

Magnus Holmqvist, Ola Hultkrantz, Gunnar Stefansson et al
WCTR Proceedings of 9th WCTR World Conference on Transport Research, July 22 - 27, 2001, Seoul, Korea. Paper 01:08.
Other conference contribution

E-commerce and logistical consequences

Ola Hultkrantz, Kenth Lumsden

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