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Assessing product development efficiency at Volvo Powertrain Focus on systems engineering and lean principles at two global sites

Dag Henrik Bergsjö, Daniel Corin Stig, Per Johansson
23rd Annual International Symposium of the International Council on Systems Engineering, INCOSE 2013. Vol. 2, p. Pages 1481-1492
Paper in proceeding

Focus on failure avoidance and risk reduction through Variation Mode and Effect Analysis (VMEA)

Stefano Barone, Bo Bergman, Alexander Chakhunashvili et al
2009 Spring Research Conference on Statistics in Industry and Technology
Other conference contribution

Robust Product Development Using Variation Mode and Effect Analysis

Alexander Chakhunashvili, Stefano Barone, Per Johansson et al
Robust Design Methodology for Reliability: Exploring the Effects of Variation and Uncertainty - Wiley, p. 57-70
Book chapter

Variation Mode and Effect Analysis: a Practical Tool for Quality Improvement

Per Johansson, Alexander Chakhunashvili, Stefano Barone et al
Quality and Reliability Engineering International. Vol. 23
Journal article

Using VMEA to Facilitate the Preparation of Robust Design Experimentation

Per Johansson, Torben Hasenkamp, Alexander Chakhunashvili et al
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Quality Management for Organisational and Regional Development (QMOD). Vol. Palermo (June 29 - July 1), p. 635-640
Paper in proceeding

Variation Mode and Effect Analysis

Alexander Chakhunashvili, Per Johansson, Bo Bergman
Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, 2004, Los Angeles, CA.
Journal article

Robust Design Methodology: Status in Swedish Manufacturing Industry

Ida Gremyr, Martin Arvidsson, Per Johansson
Quality and Reliability Engineering International. Vol. 19 (4), p. 285-293
Journal article

Use and knowledge of robust design methodology: a survey of Swedish industry

Martin Arvidsson, Ida Gremyr, Per Johansson
Journal of Engineering Design. Vol. 14 (2), p. 129-143
Journal article

Beyond Root-Cause Analysis

Per Johansson, Ida Gremyr, Anders Fundin et al
48th Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
Paper in proceeding

Use and Knowledge of Robust Design - A Survey of Swedish Industry

Martin Arvidsson, Ida Gremyr, Per Johansson
The Annual Conference on Business and Industrial Statistics
Paper in proceeding

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