Ondrej Ploc

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Radiation Environment at Aviation Altitudes and in Space

Lembit Sihver, Ondrej Ploc, M. Puchalska et al
Radiation Protection Dosimetry. Vol. 164 (4), p. 477-483
Journal article

Microdosimetry for a carbon ion beam using track-etched detectors

I. Ambrozova, V. Vondracek, M. Šefl et al
Radiation Protection Dosimetry. Vol. 166 (1-4), p. 247-252
Journal article

Publicly available database of measurements with the silicon spectrometer Liulin onboard aircraft

Ondrej Ploc, I. Ambrozova, J. Kubancak et al
Radiation Measurements. Vol. 58, p. 107-112
Journal article

PHITS simulations of the Protective curtain experiment onboard the Service module of ISS: Comparison with absorbed doses measured with TLDs

Ondrej Ploc, Lembit Sihver, D. Kartashov et al
Advances in Space Research. Vol. 52 (11), p. 1911-1918
Journal article

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