Igor Radun

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Alcohol Ignition Interlocks in All New Vehicles: A Broader Perspective

Igor Radun, J. Ohisalo, S. Rajalin et al
Traffic Injury Prevention. Vol. 15 (4), p. 335-342
Journal article

Letter to the Editor: Electronic Billboards and Driver Distraction

Igor Radun
Traffic Injury Prevention. Vol. 14 (5), p. 554-554
Journal article

Driver fatigue and the law from the perspective of police officers and prosecutors

Igor Radun, J. Ohisalo, J. Radun et al
Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour. Vol. 18, p. 159-167
Journal article

Väsyneenä ajaminen: se on vaarallista ja kiellettyä, mutta miten sitä voisi ehkäistä?

Igor Radun, Jenni Radun
Taksi-lehti (4), p. 18-19
Magazine article

Law defining the critical level of driver fatigue in terms of hours without sleep: Criminal justice professionals' opinions and fatal accident data

Igor Radun, J. Ohisalo, J. Radun et al
International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice. Vol. 40 (3), p. 172-178
Journal article

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Trötta förare på halt väglag - ett försummat problem

Mattias Wahde Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Igor Radun Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Swedish Transport Administration

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