Rikard Sandberg

Doctoral Student at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Construction Management

Rikard Sandberg is a PhD student at the department of Construction Management at Chalmers. His research is interdisciplinary and explores the work and managerial leadership as practiced among middle managers in the construction industry. More specifically he applies a critical perspective to explore the unfolding of managers’ everyday work – their identities, practices and work situations – and possible consequences for the individual and organizations. Rikard is also teaching in courses in organization, leadership and communication.

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The indispensable site manager: normalization of overwork in the construction industry

Rikard Sandberg, Martin Löwstedt, Christine Räisänen
(Sub-theme 21)
Paper in proceedings

Exploring the Work Practices of Site Managers as Processes of Embodiment

Rikard Sandberg, Christine Räisänen, Martin Löwstedt
In: P W Chan and C J Neilson (Eds.) Proceedings of the 32nd Annual ARCOM Conference. Vol. 2, p. 679-688
Paper in proceedings

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Mapping middle managers´ work situation and leadership potential to enhance social sustainability in the construction sector: A question of futures thinking

Christine Räisänen Construction Management
Martin Löwstedt Construction Management
Rikard Sandberg Construction Management

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