Deodatta Shinde

Doktor at Microstructure Physics

My research is mainly focused on studying and understanding the properties of materials at near atomic spatial resolution. The technique I am using for this purpose is called as Atom Probe Tomography (APT). At present, I am involved in studies of novel multifunctional carbides for hard coatings and electrical contacts. The prime objective of this work is to optimize the parameters of the atom probe analysis and develop the data analysis methods to precisely measure the Carbon concentration in different Carbides, which is always underestimated in an atom probe analysis due to several reasons.

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Early Precipitation Stages of Sigma Phase in Alloy 28 Studied with Scanning Electron Microscopy and Atom Probe Tomography

Claes-Olof A. Olsson, Mats Hattestrand, Hans Magnusson et al
ISIJ International. Vol. 61 (3), p. 881-887
Journal article

Elemental Distribution in CrNbTaTiW-C High Entropy Alloy Thin Films

Deodatta Shinde, Stefan Fritze, Mattias Thuvander et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis
Journal article

Ni nanocluster composites for enhanced impact resistance of multilayered arc-PVD ceramic coatings

James P. Best, Mikhail Polyakov, Deodatta Shinde et al
Surface and Coatings Technology. Vol. 354, p. 360-368
Journal article

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