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A review of the Namntall Tunnel project with regard to grouting performance

Björn Stille, Gunnar Gustafson
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. Vol. 25 (4), p. 346-356
Journal article

Experiences With Real Time Grouting Control Method

Björn Stille, Håkan Stille, Gunnar Gustafson
Bergmekanikdag : föredrag vid Bergmekanikdag i Stockholm 8 mars 2010., p. 119-132
Magazine article

Experience with the real time grouting control method

Björn Stille, Håkan Stille, Gunnar Gustafson et al
Geomechanik und Tunnelbau. Vol. 2 (5), p. 447-459
Journal article

Injektering - "ad hoc" eller börjar 20 års forskning kunna tillämpas i fält?

Björn Stille, Ulf Håkansson
V-byggaren. Vol. 2008 (4), p. 42 - 47
Magazine article

Real Time Grouting Control Method: Development and application using Äspö HRL data

Shinji Kobayashi, Håkan Stille, Gunnar Gustafson et al

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