Kristin Balksten

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The Influence of Particle Size and Structure in Hydrated Lime on the Properties of the Lime Putty and Lime Mortar

Kristin Balksten, Britt-Marie Steenari
International Journal of Architectural Heritage. Vol. 4 (2), p. 86-101
Magazine article

The influence of craftsmanship on the inner structures of lime plasters

Kristin Balksten, kenth Klasén
Proceedings of the International RILEM Workshop Repair Mortars for Historic Masonry. Delft, Holland 2005.. Vol. 1, p. 11-20
Paper in proceeding

Kalkputs- porstrukturens betydelse för beständighet

Kristin Balksten
Licentiate thesis

Permeability in lime plaster in relation to durability of covered materials

Kristin Balksten, Tor Broström
Proceedings of the 32nd IAHS World Congress on Housing – Sustainability of the Housing Projects. Trento, Italy 2004.. Vol. 1
Paper in proceeding

The pore structure in lime plaster as a key to understanding moisture transportation properties and frost damages

Kristin Balksten, Sophia Magnusson
Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone. Stockholm, Sweden 2004.. Vol. 2, p. 1033-1040
Paper in proceeding

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