Vaishnavi Ravikumar

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Low Concentrations of Vitamin C Reduce the Synthesis of Extracellular Polymers and Destabilize Bacterial Biofilms

Santosh Pandit, Vaishnavi Ravikumar, A. M. Abdel-Haleem et al
Frontiers in Microbiology. Vol. 8 (DEC)
Journal article

Conversion of Glycerol to 3-Hydroxypropanoic Acid by Genetically Engineered Bacillus subtilis

Aida Kalantari, Tao Chen, Boyang Ji et al
Frontiers in Microbiology. Vol. 8 (APR)
Journal article

Elucidating Host-Pathogen Interactions Based on Post-Translational Modifications Using Proteomics Approaches

Vaishnavi Ravikumar, C. Jers, Ivan Mijakovic
Frontiers in Microbiology. Vol. 6 (NOV)
Journal article

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