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Abstract syntax as interlingua: Scaling up the grammatical framework from controlled languages to robust pipelines

Aarne Ranta, Krasimir Angelov, N. Gruzitis et al
Computational Linguistics. Vol. 46 (2), p. 425-486
Journal article

Smart Paradigms and the predictability and complexity of inflectional morphology

Gregoire Detrez, Aarne Ranta
EACL 2012 - 13th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Proceedings, p. 645-653
Paper in proceeding

PGF: A Portable Run-time Format for Type-theoretical Grammars

Krasimir Angelov, Björn Bringert, Aarne Ranta
Journal of Logic, Language and Information. Vol. 19 (2), p. 201-228
Journal article

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