Adam Jareteg

Doctoral Student at Fluid Dynamics

Adam is a doctoral student in the multiphase flow group at fluid dynamics. He studies flows through porous media, specifically the application of industrial activated carbon filters. This includes investigating the multiscale and multiphysics dynamics of a carbon filter. Including heat- and mass transport, sorption and condensation/evaporation. With both one-dimensional system modeling and three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics the research aims to understand how to accurately simulate and optimize the use of the filters.

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Finite-volume method for industrial-scale temperature-swing adsorption simulations

Adam Jareteg, Dario Maggiolo, Srdjan Sasic et al
Computers and Chemical Engineering. Vol. 138
Journal article

Industrial-scale benzene adsorption: assessment of a baseline one-dimensional temperature swing model against online industrial data

Adam Jareteg, Dario Maggiolo, Anton Larsson et al
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Vol. 59 (26), p. 12239-12249
Journal article

Effects of bed aging on temperature signals from fixed-bed adsorbers during industrial operation

Adam Jareteg, Dario Maggiolo, Anton Larsson et al
Results in Engineering. Vol. 8
Journal article

Detailed simulations of heterogeneous reactions in porous media using the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Adam Jareteg, Dario Maggiolo, Henrik Thunman et al
Other conference contribution

Finely resolved numerical simulations of reactive flow in porous media

Adam Jareteg, Dario Maggiolo, Henrik Thunman et al
Conference poster

Packed-Bed Reactor Characterization of Steam-Regenerated Solvent Adsorbers for Raw-Gas Cleaning

Adam Jareteg, Mikael Israelsson, Srdjan Sasic et al
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference Multiphase Flow in Industrial Plant
Paper in proceeding

Formulation of stresses in dry granular flows

Adam Jareteg, Klas Jareteg, Srdjan Sasic
The 16th International Conference on Fluid Flow Technologies (CMFF15), Budapest, Hungary
Paper in proceeding

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Optimization and increased energy efficiency in indirect gasification gas cleaning

Srdjan Sasic Fluid Dynamics
Adam Jareteg Fluid Dynamics
Henrik Thunman Energy Technology
Henrik Ström Fluid Dynamics
Swedish Energy Agency

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