Alice Hoffmann

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Auralization of simulated tyre noise: Psychoacoustic validation of a combined model

Alice Hoffmann, Wolfgang Kropp
Applied Acoustics. Vol. 145, p. 220-227
Journal article

Auralization model for the perceptual evaluation of tyre–road noise

Jens Forssén, Alice Hoffmann, Wolfgang Kropp
Applied Acoustics. Vol. 132, p. 232-242
Journal article

Perception of Tyre Noise: Can Tyre Noise be Differentiated and Characterized by the Perception of a Listener Outside the Car?

Alice Hoffmann, P. Bergman, Wolfgang Kropp
Acta Acustica united with Acustica. Vol. 102 (6), p. 992-998
Journal article

There’s a car coming? - Psychometric function for car pass-by in background noise based on simulated data

Alice Hoffmann, Penny Bergman, Wolfgang Kropp
Euronoise 2015, 10th European Congress on Noise Control Engineering, p. 2417-2421
Paper in proceeding

Perception of rolling noise

Alice Hoffmann
Licentiate thesis

Optimierung der Auralisierung von Reifengeraeuschen basierend auf dem Modellierungs-Tool SPERoN

Alice Hoffmann, Jens Forssén, Wolfgang Kropp
Akustik und Audiologie - "Hören für alle"; DAGA 2014, 40. Jahrestagung für Akustik "Fortschritte der Akustik", 10. - 13. März 2014, Oldenburg, Germany. Vol. 40, p. 178-179
Paper in proceeding

Auralization of tyre/road noise based on the SPERoN prediction tool

Alice Hoffmann, Jens Forssén, Wolfgang Kropp
Proceedings of AIA-DAGA 2013 Conference on Acoustics, Meran, Italy, March 18-21, 2013, p. 114-117
Paper in proceeding

Charakteristische Empfindungen bei sinusförmigen Ganzkörpervibrationen

Alice Hoffmann, Jesko Verhey, Reinhard Weber
DAGA 2010 proceedings, p. 617f-
Paper in proceeding

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