Amir Shahroudy

Post doc at Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Signalbehandling och medicinsk teknik, Imaging and Image Analysis

Amir Shahroudy is a postdoctoral researcher in computer vision and medical image analysis group, his research is focused on perception and prediction of human subjects in 3D sequences. Amir is involved in a project related to 3D perception and prediction of pedestrians for improved decision-making in autonomous driving and active safety. The areas explored in this project includes: detection and localization of human subjects in video frames, 3D modelling and analysis of dynamics, prediction of the upcoming motion, and decision making based on the performed analysis and predictions.

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3D Perception and Prediction of Pedestrians for Improved Decision-Taking in Autonomous Driving and Active Safety

Jonas Sjöberg Mechatronics
Fredrik Kahl Imaging and Image Analysis
Amir Shahroudy Imaging and Image Analysis

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