Anand Kumar Rajasekharan

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Antimicrobial Peptide-Functionalized Mesoporous Hydrogels

Saba Atefyekta, Edvin Blomstrand, Anand Kumar Rajasekharan et al
ACS Biomaterial Science and Engineering. Vol. 7 (4), p. 1693-1702
Journal article

Tough Ordered Mesoporous Elastomeric Biomaterials Formed at Ambient Conditions

Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, Christoffer Gyllensten, Edvin Blomstrand et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 14 (1), p. 241-254
Journal article

Transformation of amorphous calcium phosphate to bone-like apatite

Antiope Lotsari, Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, Mats Halvarsson et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 9
Journal article

Bioinspired Structural Hierarchy within Macroscopic Volumes of Synthetic Composites

Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, Antiope Lotsari, Viviane Lutz-Bueno et al
Advanced healthcare materials. Vol. 7 (18)
Journal article

Hierarchical and Heterogeneous Bioinspired Composites-Merging Molecular Self-Assembly with Additive Manufacturing

Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, Romain Bordes, Carl Sandström et al
Small. Vol. 13 (28)
Journal article

In Situ Gold Nanoparticle Gradient Formation in a 3D Meso- and Macroporous Polymer Matrix

Jelle Penders, Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, Mats Hulander et al
Macromolecular Rapid Communications. Vol. 38 (16), p. Article no 1700231 -
Journal article

Investigation of calcium phosphate formation from calcium propionate and triethyl phosphate

P. Kjellin, Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, F Currie et al
Ceramics International. Vol. 42 (12), p. 14061-14065
Journal article

Mesoscopically Ordered Bone-Mimetic Nanocomposites

Wenxiao He, Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, Ali Tehrani et al
Advanced Materials. Vol. 27 (13), p. 2260-2264
Journal article

Role of nanoscale confinement on calcium phosphate formation at high supersaturation

Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, Martin Andersson
Crystal Growth & Design. Vol. 15 (6), p. 2775-2780
Journal article

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