Anawati Anawati

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Electrically controllable liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber with dual-frequency control

L. Scolari, T. Alkeskjold, J. Riishede et al
Proc. IEEE/LEOS Workshop on Fibres and Optical Passive Components (WFOPC), p. 14-19
Conference contribution

Optically tunable bandgap fiber

T. Alkeskjold, J. Laegsgaard, A. Bjarklev et al
Optics Photonics News, special edition "Optics in 2005". Vol. 16 (12), p. 36-
Magazine article

Tuning in on Liquid Crystal-Infiltrated Photonic Crystal Fibers: Optics and Materials

David Hermann, T. Alkeskjold, Anawati Anawati et al
Proc. SPIE. Vol. 5947, p. 16-27
Paper in proceedings

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