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Technologizing discourse to standardize projects in multi-project organizations: Hegemony by consensus

Christine Räisänen, Anneli Linde
Organization. Vol. 11 (1), p. 101-121
Journal article

Standardization and knowledge creation: Are they compatible for multi-project organizations?

Christine Räisänen, Sven Gunnarson, Anneli Linde
16th Nordic Conference of Business Studies, August 16-18 2001, Uppsala, Sweden
Conference contribution

Standardization and creativity in projects: Are they compatible?

Sven Gunnarson, Anneli Linde, Christine Räisänen
Proceedings of IPMA International Symposium and NORDNET "Project Management Creativity", May 31 - June 1 2001, Stockholm, Sweden
Paper in proceedings

Is standardization applicable to project managers of multi-project companies?

Sven Gunnarson, Anneli Linde, David Loid
Proceedings of IRNOP IV Conference "Paradoxes of Project Collaboration in the Global Economy: Interdependence, Complexity and Ambiguity", 9-12 January 2000, Sydney, Australia
Paper in proceedings

The social construction of a project management model: Standardizing work processes in multi-project organizations

Sven Gunnarson, Christine Räisänen, Anneli Linde et al
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Organizational Discourse "Word Views, Work Views and World Views", July 26-28 2000, London, UK
Conference contribution

The professionalization of project managers

Sven Gunnarson, Anneli Linde
Nordic Seminar on Construction Economics and Organization, April 12-13 1999, Göteborg, Sweden
Conference contribution

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