Mattias Bingerud

Advisor at Office of the President

Mattias is senior advisor to Vice President of Education and Lifelong Learning and a member of the Executive Committee of Education.

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Tracks: Impactful Reform for Flexible Adaptable Education

Mattias Bingerud, Mikael Enelund, Kristina Henricson Briggs et al
Transforming Engineering Education 2023, p. 23-27
Paper in proceeding

Chalmers University of Technology: Overcoming Resistance and Inertia in Education through the Dynamics of a Matrix Organization Including Student Co-Creation

Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson, Mikael Enelund, Mattias Bingerud
Advances in Engineering Education. Vol. 9 (3)
Journal article

Gender Differences in Student Satisfaction Surveys

Panagiota Papadopoulou, Mattias Bingerud, Erik Hulthén et al
Proceedings of the International CDIO Conference, p. 834-845
Paper in proceeding

Lessons Learned from Student Satisfaction Surveys of CDIO Project Courses

Johan Malmqvist, Lars Almefelt, Mikael Enelund et al
Proceedings of the 14th International CDIO Conference
Paper in proceeding

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Joint European Degree label in engIneering - Toward a European framework for engineering education

Mattias Bingerud Office of the President
European Commission (EC)

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