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Collaborating for energy efficiency in Swedish shipping industry: interrelating practice and challenges

Josefin Borg, Anna Yström
Environment, Development and Sustainability. Vol. 22 (5), p. 4289-4310
Journal article

Inter-organizational collaboration for energy efficiency in the maritime sector: the case of a database project

Josefin Borg, Hannes von Knorring
Energy Efficiency. Vol. 12 (8), p. 2201-2213
Journal article

Collaboration for Sustainable Development: Interrelating Practice and Challenges

Josefin Borg, Anna Yström
Book of abstracts ISPIM March 2018
Paper in proceeding

A product chain organisation study of certified cocoa supply

George Afrane, Rickard Arvidsson, Henrikke Baumann et al
6th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, LCM2013, 25-28 August 2013,Göteborg
Paper in proceeding

Quantifying and managing GHG emissions in global agri-food supply chains: A case study on cocoa farming in Ghana.

Emma Keller, Jaqi Lee, Roland Clift et al
7th International Society for Industrial Ecology conference
Paper in proceeding

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Organizing of the Maritime cluster in Western Sweden

Josefin Borg Maritime Environmental Sciences
Anna Yström Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Region Västra Götaland


Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity (REMCAP)

Josefin Borg Division of Maritime Operations
European Commission (EC)

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