Anders Brödje

Doktorand at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Maritime Studies, Maritime Human Factors



MONALISA 2.0 - Taking maritime transport into the digital age

Mikael Hägg Maritime Human Factors
Anders Brödje Maritime Human Factors
Christopher Anderberg Maritime Human Factors
The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)
European Commission (EC)


MONALISA Ice - Ice Operations (MICE)

Mikael Hägg Maritime Human Factors
Anders Brödje Maritime Human Factors
The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)

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Digitalisation for sustainable sea transports

Mikael Lind, Anders Brödje, Sandra Haraldson et al
Clean Mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems, p. 187-217
Chapter in monograph, book

Ship traffic management route exchange: acceptance in Korea and Sweden, a cross cultural study

Thomas Porathe, Ole Borup, Jung Sik Jeong et al
Proceedings of the International Symposium Information on Ships, ISIS 2014, p. 64-79
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Exploring non-technical miscommunication in vessel traffic service operation

Anders Brödje, Monica Lundh, Johan Jenvald et al
Cognition, Technology & Work. Vol. 15 (3), p. 347-357
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Applied Cognitive Task Analysis as a tool for analyzing work demands in a C4I environment: a case study using a mid-fidelity simulation

Anders Brödje, Johannes Prison, Johan Jenvald et al
D. de Waard, N. Gérard, L. Onnasch, R. Wiczorek, and D. Manzey (Eds.) (2011). Human Centred Automation, p. 313 – 326
Chapter in monograph, book

The Whats, Whens, Whys and Hows of VTS Operator use of Sensor Information

Anders Brödje, Margareta Lützhöft, Joakim Dahlman et al
Proceedings of International Conference on Human Performance at Sea, p. 161-172
Conference paper - peer reviewed