Kristina Henricson Briggs

Project Leader at Lednings- och utvecklingsstöd

As the Vice Director Kristina Henricson Briggs manages, together with the Director Mikael Enelund, the development of Chalmers educational programmes and learning environments within the Tracks initiaitve.

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Tracks for change, flexibility, interdisciplinarity and creativity in engineering education

Mikael Enelund, Kristina Henricson Briggs
Proceedings of the International CDIO Conference. Vol. 1, p. 37-47
Paper in proceeding

Business Incubation in Dar es Salaam

Kristina Henricson Briggs
Africa Journal of Management. Vol. 3 (2), p. 163-183
Journal article

Exploring business incubation in Tanzania

Kristina Henricson Briggs
Academy of Management Africa Conference Proceedings
Paper in proceeding

Perceptions of success of a social entrepreneurship initiative: a cross-cultural management approach.

Kristina Henricson Briggs
International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Vol. 3 (2), p. 122-136
Journal article

The translation of an incubator: the case of the Lighthouse in Bubulo, Uganda

Kristina Henricson, Karl Palmås
Annals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Vol. 3
Journal article

Experiences from a social entreprenurship project in Uganda

Kristina Henricson
Nordic Academy of Management (NFF), School of Business, Stockholm University, Aug 22-24 2011
Paper in proceeding

The translation of an incubator

Kristina Henricson, Karl Palmås
The 7th annual conference on social entrepreneurs, NYU Stern, Nov 4-5 2010
Paper in proceeding

The University as a Social Entrepreneur

Kristina Henricson, Tomas Faxheden, Karen Williams Middleton et al
Annual Satter Conference on Social Entrepreneurship - NYU Stern
Paper in proceeding

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