Magdalena Zaborowska

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Biomaterial associated infections. How can we address biofilm forming bacteria.

Margarita Trobos, Magdalena Zaborowska, Rickard Brånemark et al
6th international conference advances in orthopaedic osseointegration, Las Vegas, NV, 26-28 March.
Other conference contribution

Bacteria-material surface interactions: methodological development for the assessment of implant surface induced antibacterial effects.

Magdalena Zaborowska, Ken Welch, Rickard Brånemark et al
Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials. Vol. 103 (1), p. 179-187
Journal article

In situ Imaging of Collagen Synthesis by Osteoprogenitor Cells in Microporous Bacterial Cellulose Scaffolds.

Christian Brackmann, Magdalena Zaborowska, Johan Sundberg et al
Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods. Vol. 18 (3), p. 227-234
Journal article

Microporous bacterial cellulose as a potential scaffold for bone regeneration

Magdalena Zaborowska, Aase Katarina Bodin, Henrik Bäckdahl et al
Acta Biomaterialia. Vol. 6 (7), p. 2540-2547
Journal article

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