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Family of Isoreticular Chiral Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Coordination and Hydrogen Bonds in [M[Co(ethylenediamine)(oxalato)2]2]

Cédric Borel, K. Davies, PAUL HANDA et al
Crystal Growth & Design. Vol. 10 (4), p. 1971-1978
Journal article

Network analysis of barium oxalates Ba(C2O4)m(HC2O4)n(H2C2O4)p(H2O)q, including the new, uniform, five-connected loh net

Cédric Borel, Mohamed I D M Ghazzali, Vratislav Langer et al
Inorganic Chemistry Communication. Vol. 12 (2), p. 105-108
Journal article

Oxalate- and Squarate-Biimidazole Supramolecular Synthons: Hydrogen-Bonded Networks Based on Co(H(2)biimidazole)(3) (3+)

Cédric Borel, K. Larsson, M. Hakansson et al
Crystal Growth & Design. Vol. 9 (6), p. 2821-2827
Journal article

5,6-Dioxo-1,10-phenanthrolin-1-ium chloride

Cédric Borel, A. D. Bond
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online. Vol. 64, p. O34-U2794
Journal article


Cédric Borel, Vratislav Langer, Johan Arnehed et al
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online. Vol. E64 (1), p. m185-
Journal article

Coordination bonds and strong hydrogen bonds giving a framework material based on a 4-and 8-connected net in [Ca[Co(en)(oxalato)(2)](2)](n)

Cédric Borel, M. Hakansson, Lars Öhrström
CrystEngComm. Vol. 8 (9), p. 666-669
Journal article

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