Mikael Cederfeldt

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Product Development–Production interface in a geographically dispersed setting

Rolf Lundin, Mikael Cederfeldt
Proceedings from IAMOT2008: The 17th International Conference on Management of Technology
Paper in proceedings

A Transparent Design System for Iterative Product Development

Staffan Sunnersjö, Mikael Cederfeldt, Fredrik Elgh et al
Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering. Vol. 6 (3), p. 300-307
Journal article

Planning Design Automation Systems - Criteria and Guidelines

Mikael Cederfeldt
Licentiate thesis

Design Automation in SMEs – Current State, Potential, Need and Requirements

Mikael Cederfeldt, Fredrik Elgh
Paper in proceedings

Solid Modelling With Dimensional and Topological Variability

Mikael Cederfeldt, Staffan Sunnersjö
Paper in proceedings

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