Nathalia Cristine Vieceli

Researcher at Energy and Material

Nathália´s research is focused on lithium recovery from spent Li-ion batteries by hydrometallurgical processes. Her interests in recycling include optimization of processes to recover critical raw materials from secondary resources. Nathália also has experience on lithium recovery from natural resources (ores).

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Hydrometallurgical recycling of EV lithium-ion batteries: Effects of incineration on the leaching efficiency of metals using sulfuric acid

Nathalia Cristine Vieceli, Raquel Casasola, Gabriele Lombardo et al
Waste Management. Vol. 125, p. 192-203
Journal article

Optimization of manganese recovery from a solution based on lithium-ion batteries by solvent extraction with d2ehpa

Nathalia Cristine Vieceli, Niclas Reinhardt, Christian Ekberg et al
Metals. Vol. 11 (1), p. 1-20
Journal article

Comparative study for selective lithium recovery via chemical transformations during incineration and dynamic pyrolysis of EV li-ion batteries

Srija Balachandran, Kerstin Forsberg, Tom Lemaitre et al
Metals. Vol. 11 (8)
Journal article

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