Sofia Dall'orso

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The “Little Person” in the Brain Who Helps to Direct Our Movements

Sofia Dall'orso, Tiffany Hamstreet, Silvia Muceli
Frontiers for Young Minds. Vol. 11
Magazine article

Development of functional organization within the sensorimotor network across the perinatal period

Sofia Dall'orso, Tomoki Arichi, Sean P. Fitzgibbon et al
Human Brain Mapping. Vol. 43 (7), p. 2249-2261
Journal article

An eye tracking based virtual reality system for use inside magnetic resonance imaging systems

Kun Qian, Tomoki Arichi, Anthony Price et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 11 (1)
Journal article

Cortical Processing of Multimodal Sensory Learning in Human Neonates

Sofia Dall'orso, W. P. Fifer, P. D. Balsam et al
Cerebral Cortex. Vol. 31 (3), p. 1827-1836
Journal article

An fMRI compatible smart device for measuring palmar grasping actions in newborns

Daniela Lo Presti, Sofia Dall'orso, Silvia Muceli et al
Sensors. Vol. 20 (21), p. 1-16
Journal article

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