Anke Dierckx

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The amino terminal extension of mammalian mitochondrial RNA polymerase ensures promoter specific transcription initiation

Viktor Posse, Emily Hoberg, Anke Dierckx et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 42 (6), p. 3638-3647
Journal article

Synthesis and photophysical characterisation of new fluorescent triazole adenine analogues

Christopher Lawson, Anke Dierckx, Francois-Alexandre Miannay et al
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. Vol. 12 (28), p. 5158-5167
Journal article

The photoinduced transformation of fluorescent DNA base analogue tC triggers DNA melting

S. Preus, S. Jonck, M. Pittelkow et al
Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences. Vol. 12 (8), p. 1416-1422
Journal article

Quadracyclic Adenine: A Non-Perturbing Fluorescent Adenine Analogue

Anke Dierckx, Francois-Alexandre Miannay, N. Gaied et al
Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 18 (19), p. 5987-5997
Journal article

Mammalian transcription factor A is a core component of the mitochondrial transcription machinery

Yonghong Shi, Anke Dierckx, Paulina Wanrooij et al
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol. 109 (41), p. 16510-16515
Journal article

Characterization of photophysical and base-mimicking properties of a novel fluorescent adenine analogue in DNA

Anke Dierckx, Peter Dinér, Afaf El-Sagheer et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 39 (10), p. 4513-4524
Journal article

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