Elena Malz

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AWEbox: An Optimal Control Framework for Single- and Multi-Aircraft Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Jochem De Schutter, Rachel Leuthold, Thilo Bronnenmeyer et al
Energies. Vol. 16 (4)
Journal article

The value of airborne wind energy to the electricity system

Elena Malz, Viktor Walter, Lisa Göransson et al
Wind Energy. Vol. 25 (2), p. 281-299
Journal article

Drag-mode airborne wind energy vs. wind turbines: An analysis of power production, variability and geography

Elena Malz, Fredrik Hedenus, Lisa Göransson et al
Energy. Vol. 193
Journal article

Computing the power profiles for an Airborne Wind Energy system based on large-scale wind data

Elena Malz, Vilhelm Verendel, Sebastien Gros
Renewable Energy. Vol. 162, p. 766-778
Journal article

Airborne Wind Energy - to fly or not to fly?

Elena Malz
Doctoral thesis

A reference model for airborne wind energy systems for optimization and control

Elena Malz, J. Koenemann, S. Sieberling et al
Renewable Energy. Vol. 140, p. 1004-1011
Journal article

A Quantification of the Performance Loss of Power Averaging in Airborne Wind Energy Farms

Elena Malz, Mario Zanon, Sébastien Gros
2018 European Control Conference, ECC 2018, p. 58-63
Paper in proceeding

Operational Regions of a Multi-Kite AWE System

Rachel Leuthold, Jochem De Schutter, Elena Malz et al
2018 European Control Conference, ECC 2018, p. 52-57
Paper in proceeding

Optimization of Off-Shore Wind Power Plants Collection Grids

Jimmy Ehnberg, Elena Malz
12th Wind Integration Workshop
Paper in proceeding

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