Emil Nyholm

Forskare at Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology, Energy Technology 2



An economic assessment of distributed solar PV generation in Sweden from a consumer perspective - The impact of demand response

Emil Nyholm, Mikael Odenberger, Filip Johnsson
Renewable Energy. Vol. 108, p. 169-178
Journal article

Solar photovoltaic-battery systems in Swedish households - Self-consumption and self-sufficiency

Emil Nyholm, Joel Goop, Mikael Odenberger et al
Applied Energy. Vol. 183, p. 148-159
Journal article

Demand response potential of electrical space heating in Swedish single-family dwellings

Emil Nyholm, Sanket Puranik, Erika Mata Las Heras et al
Building and Environment. Vol. 96 (1), p. 270-282
Journal article

Teknologier för förnyelsebar elproduktion

Ola Carlson, Linus Hammar, Zack Norwood et al
Perspektiv på förnybar el 2014, p. 12-13
Book chapter

Harnessing energy flows: technologies for renewable power production

Ola Carlson, Linus Hammar, Zack Norwood et al
Systems Perspectives on Renewable Power 2014, p. 32-45
Book chapter

Can demand response mitigate the impact of intermittent supply?

Emil Nyholm, David Steen
Systems Perspectives on Renewable Power 2014, p. 108-118
Book chapter

A Geospatial Comparison of Distributed Solar Heat and Power in Europe and the US

Zack Norwood, Emil Nyholm, Todd Otanicar et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 9 (12)
Journal article

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