Emmanouela Leventaki

Doctoral Student at Chemical Technology

Emmanouela Leventaki is a PhD student working on carbon capture and storage (CCS). Her research focuses on the absorption of CO2 in various residual streams and the subsequent formation of carbonates aiming at to find resource-efficient ways to prevent CO2 from being released to the environment—crucial for tackling the climate crisis.

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Aqueous mineral carbonation of three different industrial steel slags: Absorption capacities and product characterization

Emmanouela Leventaki, Eduarda Couto Queiroz, Shyam Krishnan Pisharody et al
Environmental Research. Vol. 252
Journal article

Experimental evaluation of black liquor carbonation for carbon dioxide capture

Emmanouela Leventaki, Francisco Baena-Moreno, Joanna Wojtasz-Mucha et al
Journal of CO2 Utilization. Vol. 72
Journal article

Carbon capture using industrial side-streams as absorbents

Emmanouela Leventaki
Licentiate thesis

Solid–Liquid Phase Transitions of Triglycerides in Griebenschmalz, Smalec, and Fedt Studied Using 13C Solid-State NMR with Dynamics-Based Spectral Filtering

Diana Bernin, Emmanouela Leventaki, D. Topgaard
Applied Magnetic Resonance. Vol. 54 (11-12), p. 1165-1175
Journal article

Effluents and residues from industrial sites for carbon dioxide capture: a review

Francisco Baena-Moreno, Emmanouela Leventaki, Alexander Michael Riddell et al
Environmental Chemistry Letters. Vol. 21 (1), p. 319-337
Review article

In-Line Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide Capture with Sodium Hydroxide in a Customized 3D-Printed Reactor without Forced Mixing

Emmanouela Leventaki, Francisco Baena-Moreno, Gaetano Sardina et al
Sustainability. Vol. 14 (17)
Journal article

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