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X-ray fluorescence for cultural heritage: scanning biochemical fingerprints in archaeological shipwrecks.

Yvonne Fors, Håkan Grudd, Anders Rindby et al
Spectroscopy Europe. Vol. 27 (1), p. 11-13
Review article

Sulfur and iron accumulation in three marine-archaeological shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. The Ghost, the Crown and the Sword.

Yvonne Fors, Håkan Grudd, Anders Rindby et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 4, p. artikel nr 4222-
Journal article

Analysis of the redistribution of metal ions in softwood during kraft pulping by synchrotron radiation micro-XRF

Harald Brelid, Laszlo Vincze, Anders Rindby
12th International Symposium on Wood and Pulping Chemistry, Madison, WI, USA, June 8-12. Vol. 1, p. 135-138
Other conference contribution

Spatial distribution and chemical attachments of metal ions in spruce wood

Annica Sundén, Harald Brelid, Anders Rindby et al
Journal of Pulp and Paper Science. Vol. 26 (10), p. 352-357
Journal article

Spatial distribution of metal ions in spruce wood by synchrotron radiation microbeam X-ray fluorescence analysis

Annica Berglund, Harald Brelid, Anders Rindby et al
Holzforschung. Vol. 53 (5), p. 474-480
Journal article

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