Johanna Wright

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Neutron kinetics in subcritical cores with application to the source modulation method

Johanna Wright, Imre Pazsit
Annals of Nuclear Energy. Vol. 33 (2), p. 149-158
Journal article

Derivation of pulsed Feynman- and Rossi-alpha formulae including delayed neutrons

Yasunori Kitamura, Imre Pazsit, Johanna Wright et al
Annals of Nuclear Energy. Vol. 32 (7), p. 671-692
Journal article

Calculation of the pulsed Feynman-alpha formulae and their experimental verification

Imre Pazsit, Yasunori Kitamura, Johanna Wright et al
Annals of Nuclear Energy. Vol. 32 (9), p. 986-1007
Journal article

Investigation of the validity of the point-kinetic approximation for subcritical heterogeneous systems in 2-group diffusion theory for measurement of the reactivity in ADS

Christophe Demaziere, Imre Pazsit, Johanna Wright
Proc. Int. Conf. Nuclear Energy Systems for Future Generation and Global Sustainability (GLOBAL2005)
Paper in proceedings

Final Report on the Research Project Ringhals Diagnostics and Monitoring, Stage 10

Carl Sunde, Johanna Wright, Christophe Demaziere et al

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