Camilla Fant

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Adsorption of antifouling booster biocides on metal oxide nanoparticles: Effect of different metal oxides and solvents

Lyuba Shtykova, Camilla Fant, PAUL HANDA et al
Progress in Organic Coatings. Vol. 64 (1), p. 20-26
Journal article

Antifouling Agent Release from Marine Coatings - Ion Pair Formation/Dissolution for Controlled Release

PAUL HANDA, Camilla Fant, Magnus Nydén
Progress in Organic Coatings. Vol. 57 (4), p. 376-382
Journal article

Complexation Chemistry for Tuning Release from Polymer Coatings

Camilla Fant, PAUL HANDA, Magnus Nydén
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Vol. 110 (43), p. 21808-21815
Journal article

Lipopolysaccharide removal by a peptide-functionalized surface

Anna Nilsson, Camilla Fant, Magnus Nydén et al
Colloids Surfaces B. Vol. 40, p. 99-106
Journal article

Use of surface-sensitive methods for the study of adsorption and cross-linking of marine bioadhesives

Mattias Berglin, J. Hedlund, Camilla Fant et al
Journal of Adhesion. Vol. 81 (7-8), p. 805-822
Journal article

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